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  • Dr. Neelima Satyam became Member, Technical committee 220(Field Monitoring in Geomechanics) of International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Dr. Sudip Chakraborty, Assistant Professor in Discipline of Physics has been invited to be the Guest Editor for Special Issue in Switzerland based International Journals "Frontiers in Chemistry (Impact Factor: 3.78)" and "Catalyst (Impact Factor: 3.44)"
  • Prof. Vimal Bhatia has been selected for IETE-Prof SVC Aiya Memorial Award 2019
  • Dr. Mohd. Farooq Azam, Assistant Professor in DCE has been appointed as a forum member for 'International Forum on the Cryosphere and Society:The Voice of the HKH’ by International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Nepal.
  • Dr. Anirban Sengupta, Associate Professor in CSE, appointed Editor of IEEE Letters of the Computer Society (LOCS) w.e.f July 2019
  • Dr. Anirban Sengupta is the Guest Editor of a special issue in IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems
  • International Environment Science Magazine "MONGABAY" covered recent research work "SNOWMELT IS THE MAJOR DRIVER FOR RIVER RUNOFF IN THE WESTERN HIMALAYA" from Dr. Mohd Farooq Azam's team for the interest of local population Details
  • 23rd International Symposium on VLSI Design and Test (VDAT 2019) successfully hosted by IIT Indore
  • Prof. Igor Sevostianov, Distinguished Professor at New Mexico State University (USA), has been appointed as an Adjunct Professor in the Discipline of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Indore. His research interests include Solid Mechanics and Materials.
  • Mr. Gyan Prakash Tiwary, Ph.D. student in the Discipline of Computer Science and Engineering working under the supervision of Dr. Abhishek Srivastava has secured the prestigious 'Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship' of SERB to carry out research for one year at the University of Alberta in Canada
  • Dr. Bodhisatwa Mazumdar, Assistant Professor in the Discipline of CSE, has been invited to be a Working Group member in IEEE Standards 1431.1 (Guide for Selecting and Using Reliability Predictions Based on IEEE 1413) and 1624 (Standard for Organizational Reliability Capability).
  • Dr. Manish Kumar Goyal and his research group are in focus on India’s river catchments are drying up, too many too soon".
  • Dr. Prabhat Kumar Upadhyay, Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering, has been appointed as an Editor of IEEE Communications Letters.
  • Dr. Vilas Pol Adjunct Faculty of MEMS discipline receives ACerS Richard M. Fulrath Award Details
  • Dr. Mayur S. Sawant, Post-Doctoral Fellow working under Prof. N.K. Jain has been awarded MHRD sponsored Shastri Indo-Canadian Post Doctoral Fellowship, for the year 2018-19 to pursue research at University of Alberta, Canada on ‘Investigations on Additive Manufacturing of NiTi Biomedical Components by Plasma Transferred Arc Deposition Process'
  • Miss Swati Rajput, PhD Scholar under Dr. Mukesh Kumar in Electrical Engineering has been conferred with Young Scientist Award for Best paper presented during 34th M.P. Young Scientist Congress by M.P. Council of Science and Technology
  • Dr. Anirban Sengupta is elected as "Fellow of Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)" in recognition of outstanding contributions made in the field of ESL based IP Core Protection and Hardware Security & Reliability. FIET is the highest professional title of IET and only Top 3 % of its professional members are elected Fellows.
  • "The research work on Himalayan Glaciology" from Dr. Mohd Farooq Azam's team has featured in The Times of India. Details
  • Dr. Anirban Sengupta has been elected as "Fellow of British Computer Society (FBCS)" for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of computing'. BCS has more than 82, 000 members across the globe (across 151 countries) and typically top 1 % of its members are Fellows. Details
  • Dr. Anirban Sengupta, Associate Professor in CSE, receives the award "IEEE Distinguished Visitor (DV) of IEEE Computer Society, USA". Link
  • Dr. Neelima Satyam, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering has been nominated as Convener of International Cooperation by Indian Geotechnical Society for the term 2019-2020
  • Dr. Anirban Sengupta of Discipline of Computer Science and Engineering received 5 awards from IEEE in the 37th IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics 2019 held at Las Vegas, USA. Details

Research Highlights MORE

Metallurgy Engg. & Materials Sci.

Hexagonal close packed (HCP) metals (e.g., Mg and its alloys) are considered as replacement of currently used structural metals and alloys (e.g., steels and Al alloys) because of their interesting combination of the physical and mechanical properties. However, their extensive applicability is limited by their yield asymmetry, poor formability, which intimately connected to their fundamental deformation mechanisms. Owing to the lack of five independent slip systems needed for homogeneous deformation, the plastic flow in these materials is controlled by highly heterogeneous deformation twinning (DT). Despite several investigations, the DT mechanism and their role on plastic deformation still seem to be far from incomplete.

Astronomy, Astrophysics & Space Engg.

Computational Cosmology and Statistical Inference research group at IIT Indore is involved in developing state-of-the-art numerical simulations and analytical estimates to shed light on a new way of observing and constraining the Cosmic Dawn and Epoch of Reionization. If a region of ionized hydrogen of size > 1000 Mpc^3 is detected through future SKA (Square Kilometre Array) 21-cm surveys, follow up photometric and spectroscopic observations at infrared wavelengths with WFIRST and JWST will be able to constrain the contribution of the galaxies residing inside that region in its ionization. It will help us to constrain or rule out the different source models of reionization.

Upcoming Events

  • Chemistry Lectures

    Green Chemistry Lectures and Workshop

  • GIAN course

    Ultra Clean and Low Pulsation Gas Turbine

  • CMA 2019

    International Conference on Computational Mathematics & its Applications Details

  • COPEN-11

    International Conference on Precision, Meso, Micro & Nano Engineering


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