Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) Cell

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S. No. Course Title Coordinator Course Schedule Brochure
1. Single Molecule Magnetism
Professor Pradeep Mathur
Aug 6-10, 2017 at GNDU Amritsar
Oct 22-27,2017 at IIT Indore
pdf Download
2. Human Infectious Disease and Animal Models
Dr. Debasis Nayak
July 05 – July 15, 2017 pdf Download
3. Advances and Opportunities in Passive Micro and Miniature Technologies for Energy and Thermal systems
Dr. Shanmugam Dhinakaran
January 9 - January 13, 2017 pdf Download
4. Microreactors: Mathematical Modelling, Modelling of Hydrodynamics Heat and Mass Transfer, Design and Fabrication Dr. Ritunesh Kumar December 20 - December 29, 2016 pdf Download