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Boundaries: Eminent Scholars and the Public Sphere lectures.  

IIT Indore seeks to foster academic debate in areas with implications for a more equitable and sustainable world. In working towards fulfilling this aim the Institute announces the conduct of a series of lecture events in the academic calendar. The lecture series is titled Boundaries: Eminent Scholars and the Public Sphere Lectures. While the word boundary defines a set of limits it simultaneously denotes a horizon that goes beyond those limits. At IIT Indore we see the horizon as fast expanding and consequently the seeming confines of our fields also need to be opened to include what hitherto seemed to lie beyond the horizon of disciplinary boundaries. In announcing this lecture series we foresee a confluence of people, academics, students, intelligentsia coming together to discuss the state of scholarship in various frontier areas of the sciences, humanities and engineering. The series aims at presenting seminal talks by the foremost exponents in their fields, a site from where further departures and disciplinary forays become possible. Boundaries will provide a platform where thought and action coalesce into instruments for change, change that predicates the equitable and sustainable world that we all hope for.  

For further info contact:
Dr. Sarka Jalan : sarika [at] (Convener)
Dr. Aruna Tiwari : artiwari [at]
Dr. Amod C. Umarikar : amodu [at]
Dr. Swadesh Kumar Sahoo : swadesh.sahoo [at]
Dr. Nirmala Menon :
nmenon [at]
Dr Shaikh M Mobin :
xray [at]

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