IIT Indore - TU9 Collaboration

Every year, HiPEAC will be funding several collaboration grants for HiPEAC PhD students and junior post-doctoral researchers wanting to visit another HiPEAC institution (either an academic institution or a company).The students and their host prepare a small research project for the stay. The steering committee decides on the final allocation of the collaboration grants - based on the quality of the proposals. The Collaboration grants are available to all HiPEAC PhD students and junior post-doctoral researchers. The origin or destination institution has to be a HiPEAC member.


Application Procedure

The application process is simple and straightforward. Please complete this form , with the following information (max 1000 words):



Applicants Details

Applicant's name and institution



Proposed site and researcher to visit


Start Date

Estimate of collaboration start date



Work to be performed



A statement of why a 3 month visit would be useful (max 100 words)


Incentives for the program


The funding for a 3 month collaboration grant consists of a lump sum of up to EUR 5000 which should cover all additional costs (travelling, housing, etc.) - it cannot be used as a salary. The objective of the collaboration grants is to stimulate real collaboration  between HiPEAC members. The initial goal is to fund 14 collaboration grants per year.