Administrative Staff Raplace # with @iiti.ac.in

Name Designation Contact Email
Registrar Office
Mr. Siba Prasad Hota Registrar In-Charge +91-731-2438700 Ext- 906 registrar#
Staff -
+91-731-2438700 Ext- 935
+91-731-2438700 Ext- 933
Mr. Tentu Satyanarayana Joint Registrar (Administration & Audit) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 950 dradmin#
Mr. Kumar Gaurav Administrative Officer (HRMS) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 975 aoadmin#
Mr. Neeraj Kumar Soni Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 694 neerajks#
Mr. Rakesh Jain Deputy Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 939 rakeshj#
Finance and Accounts Section
Mr. Pradeep Agarwal Joint Registrar +91-731-2438700 Ext- 951 drfa#
Mr. Roshan Bhatia Senior Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 952 roshanb#
Mr. Vijayendra Shastri Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 964 vijayendra#
Ms. Saba Khan Deputy Manager (Accounts) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 952 saba#
Ms. Neha Jain Deputy Manager (Accounts) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 952 nehaj#
Ms. Divya Bangar Deputy Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 954 divya#
Mr. Mayur Bangar Deputy Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 964 bmayur#
Mr. Sunny Namdev Deputy Manager (Accounts) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 964 sunnynamdev#
Research and Development Section
Mr. Pradeep Agarwal Joint Registrar +91-731-2438700 Ext- 731/951 drrnd#
Ms. Pooja Laddha Deputy Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 731 managerrnd#
Ms. Nisha Choudhary Deputy Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 733 dm1rnd#
Mr. Palash Pokharna Junior Assistant +91-731-2438700 Ext- 733 palashpokharna#
Mr. Ankit Tiwari Junior Assistant +91-731-2438700 Ext- 733 dm2rnd#
Material Management Section
Mr. Siba Prasad Hota Joint Registrar +91-731-2438700 Ext- 949 drmm#
Ms. Pooja Dutta Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 958 pooja#
Mr. Sunit Kumar Singh Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 949 sunitsingh#
Mr. Nilesh Jadhav Deputy Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 958 njadhav#
Mr. Sunil Ramesh Chandanshive Deputy Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 958 sunilrch#
Mr. Shiv Raghuwanshi Junior Assistant +91-731-2438700 Ext- 958 shivr#
FAX - +91-731-2438700 Ext- 966 -
Transport Section
Mr. Vinay Choudhary Manager +91-8269861799 #
Staff Transport Incharge +91-7509062831
Staff Transport Incharge +91-731-2438700 Ext- 971 atulsaran#
Academic Office
Mr. Kumar Gaurav Administrative Officer +91-731-2438700 Ext- 975 aoaa#
Mr. Tapesh Parihar Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 994 tapesh#
Ms. Shilpa Chouhan Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 728 shilpachouhan#
Mr. Kailash Jamra Deputy Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 844 kjamra#
Mr. Nitin Parashar Deputy Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 728 nitinp#
Mr. Nitin Bhate Technical Manager (Academic Infrastructure) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 844 bnitin#
Mr. Ambar Dixit Academic Server Programmer +91-731-2438700 Ext- 981 ambardixit#
Dr. Radhe Shyam Ji Scientific Officer +91-731-2438700 Ext- 897 rsj#
Mr. Ghanashyam Anil Bhavsar Senior Manager (Technical) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 943 ghanashyam#
Mr. Kinny Yogesh Pandey Manager (Technical) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 941 kinny#
Chemistry Lab
Mr. P. K. Parthiban Manager (Technical) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 974 parthigb#
Mr. Manish Kushwaha Deputy Manager (LAB) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 756 mkushwaha#
Ms. Vinita Kothari Deputy Manager (LAB) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 756 vinitak#
Mr. Rameshwar Dohare Office Incharge +91-731-2438700 Ext- 756 rameshward#
Physics Lab
Mr. Nitin Upadhyay Deputy Manager (LAB) +91-731-2438700 Ext- nitinu#
System Admin Wing
Mr. Yogendra Singh Deputy IT Officer +91-731-2438700 Ext- 928 yogendras#
Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargiya Assistant IT-in-charge +91-731-2438700 Ext- 938 dhirajv#
Mr. Jitendra Gupta Senior Manager (Technical) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 940 jgupta#
Server Room /Asst. System Analyst - +91-731-2438700 Ext- 928
Counselling Cell
Ms. Monika Gupta Counselor +91-731-2438700 Ext- 511 counsellor#
Dean's Office
Fax +91-731-2438700 Ext- 721
Mr.Tapesh Parihar Manager (DoAA) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 994 padoaa#
Ms. Ekta Vishwakarma Manager (DoA) +91-731-2438700 Ext- ektav#
Mr. Sunil Sawle Manager (DoSA) +91-731-2438700 Ext- sunils#
Mr. Amit Kumar Mishra Deputy Manager (DoRD) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 709 amitkm#
Mr. Indrajeet Vishwakarma Deputy Manager (DoFA) +91-731-2438700 Ext- indrajeetv#
Directos's Office
Mr. Rajan Thomas Administrative Officer +91-732-2438 712
+91-731-2438700 Ext- 712
Ms. Jaya Vakade Manager +91-732-2438 722 jaya#
Computer Science and Engineering Lab
Mr. Shailendra Verma Deputy Manager Grade-1 (LAB) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 835 shailendra#
Mr. Lalit Jain Deputy Manager Grade-1 (LAB) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 836 lalit#
Mr. Jagat Singh Deputy Manager (LAB) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 835 jagat#
Electrical Engineering Lab
Mr. Saroj Mallick Executive Engineer-Electrical +91-731-2438700 Ext- saroj.mallick#
Mr. Raghvendra Hanswal Deputy Manager (LAB) +91-731-2438700 Ext- raghvendra#
Mr. Ravindra Chouhan Deputy Manager Grade-1 (LAB) +91-731-2438700 Ext- cravindra#
Mechanical Engineering Lab
Mr. Anand Petare DGM (Workshop) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 974 acpetare#
Mr. Ashwin Wagh Deputy Manager Grade-1 (LAB) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 815 ashwin#
Mr. Sandeep Gour Deputy Manager Grade-1 (LAB) Centre of Excellence in Gear Engineering and AMP Lab +91-731-2438700 Ext- 816 sgour#
Mr. Suresh Bhagore Deputy Manager (LAB) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 552 sbhagore#
Mr. Sandeep Patil Deputy Manager (LAB) +91-731-2438700 Ext- sandeep#
Mr. Santosh Kumar Sharma Deputy Manager (LAB) Metrology Lab +91-731-2438700 Ext- 908 santosh#
Mr. Arun P Bhagwaniya Lab Incharge +91-731-2438700 Ext- bhagwaniyaarun#
Mr. Hemant Raghuwanshi Lab Incharge +91-731-2438700 Ext- hemantr#
Mr. Kailash Patel Lab Incharge +91-731-2438700 Ext- kailashp#
Mr. Mahesh Jhade Lab Incharge +91-731-2438700 Ext- 817 mjhade#
Estate Section
Mr. Atul Kumar Pandey Project Engineer & Estate Officer +91-731-2438700 Ext- 983 atul.pandey#
Mrs. Avantika Awasthi Deputy Executive Engineer (Civil) +91-731-2438700 Ext- deece#
Mr.Pranay Chopra Deputy Executive Engineer (Electrical) +91-731-2438700 Ext- pranay.chopra#
Mr.Rajesh Rajak Senior Engineer (Civil) +91-731-2438700 Ext- rrajak#
Mr.Shailendra Kumar Jat Senior Engineer (Civil) +91-731-2438700 Ext- shailendrajat#
Mr.Pradeep Kumar Nayak Senior Engineer (Electrical) +91-731-2438700 Ext- pkumarnayak#
Mr.Prashant S. Kulkarni Deputy Engineer (Civil) +91-731-2438700 Ext- prashant#
International Affairs Office
Dr. Rahul Sharma Public Relations and Communications Liaison Officer +91-731-2438700 Ext- 755
+91-731-2438 755
Student Affairs
Mr. Sunil Kumar Deputy Registrar (Housekeeping, and CIE/ Start-up Centre) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 841 drsa#
Medical Unit
Dr. Prakash Matkar Senior Medical Officer +91-731-2438700 Ext- 987 prakashm#
Dr. Shilpa Raut Senior Medical Officer (Female) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 987 smo#
Dr. Namdev Dinde Medical Officer +91-731-2438700 Ext- 987 dr.namdevdinde#
Ms. Rajni Sharma Staff Nurse +91-731-2438700 Ext- 987 rajnisharma#
Ms. Pooja Tiwari Pharmacist +91-731-2438700 Ext- 987 poojatiwari#
Mr. Pankaj Vaskala Deputy Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 552/776 pankajv#
Ambulance +91-7509062832
Dispensary +91-731-2438700 Ext- 787
Placement Cell
Ms. Mamta Singh Assistant Placement Officer +91-731-2438700 Ext- 988 apo#
Ms. Chainika Malhotra Deputy Manager +91-731-2438700 Ext- 988 chainika#
Head of Disciplines
Ms. Shagufta Rahim Senior Manager (HoD, EE) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 597 shagufta#
Mr. Tanmay Harsh Vaishnav Senior Manager (HoD, Physics) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 973 tanmay#
Ms. Rinki Kukreja Deputy Manager (HoD, CE) +91-731-2438700 Ext- rinki#
Ms. Ujavala Gorakh Langhi Deputy Manager (HoD, CSE) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 836 ujavala#
Mr. Murphy Bhaskar Ganveer Deputy Manager (HoD, BSBE) +91-731-2438700 Ext- murphy#
Mr. Manish Kushwaha Deputy Manager (Lab) (HoD, Chemistry) +91-731-2438700 Ext- 756 mkushwaha#
Mr. Kuldeep Uikey Deputy Manager (HoD, ME) +91-731-2438700 Ext- kuikey#
Mr. Brajesh Dwivedi Deputy Manager (HoD, MEMS) +91-731-2438700 Ext- brajeshd#
Mr. Jitendra Verma Lab In-charge (HoD, Mathematics) +91-731-2438700 Ext- vermaj#
Mr. Swapnil Sankhe Deputy Manager (HoD, AASE) +91-731-2438700 Ext- swapnilsds#
Security Section
Mr. Ramakant Kaushik Chief Security Officer +91-731-2438700 Ext- 986
Hospitality Section
Mr. Vinay Choudhary Hospitality Manager +91-8269861799 hospitality#
Support Staff Support Staff +91-731-2438700 Ext- 513 guesthouse#
Hostel Office
Mr. Digant Karve Deputy Manager +91-0731-2438749 digantk#