Career@ IIT Indore SRF/JRF Positions

Title of the Project Advertisment
Industry-Academia Consortium for Digitization in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Download
Design and Development of Large-Scale Ambient Energy Harvesting Wireless Networks (LargEWiN) Download
Unraveling the potential of graphene quantum dots for hydrogen storage in fuel cells. Download
Half-Metallic Heusler systems for Spintronics Application. Download
Modelling of debris flow for quantitative landslide risk assessment considering the entrainment. Download
Development of new small molecules and device architectures for highly efficient and reliable organic solar cells. Download
Development of New Two Dimensional Layer Structure Materials and Technique for Water Splitting: Applications in Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolution Reactions. Download
Fabrication of Silicon Photonic Nanostructured Devices for Optical Communication and Interconnects. Download
Estimation and filtering algorithms, and their possible application in continuous glucose monitoring. Download
Development of multi-spectral photoacoustic imaging and sensing system for non-invasive imaging and characterization of tumor vasculature. Download
C and L-Band Interferometer as Galaxy Cluster Observatory Pathfinder. Download
Field Assistant position in the research project Quantification of Soil organic carbon sequestration using remote sensing and field based approach. Download
Heat Transfer intensification in novel design micro-pin-fin heat sink for microprocessor cooling with improved temperature uniformity. Download
Spectral Analysis of Multiplex networks. Download
Extreme value statistics and evolution of various patterns in real world complex systems. Download
Development of a portable acoustic sensor based canine pregnancy detection system and biomarker-based canine pregnancy test kit. Download
Demonstration of sustainable algal biomass production in outdoor environment for cost effective biofuel production. Download
Analysis of Interplay of Multiplexing and Optimization in Complex Network. Download
Studies of Certain Thiocarboxylate Based Ligands and Their Metal Complexes:
Synthesis, X-ray Structures and Electrochemical Properties.
Atomistic Modeling of Cathode Electrode for PEM Fuel Cells. Download
Analyzing evolution of complex systems using coupled dynamics on network models
Systems Biology approach to human diseases
Extreme events on networks
Analysis of social networks under random matrix theory framework
ALICE-Operation and Utilization. Download