If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact the Academic Office (+91-732-4240761, convocation@iiti.ac.in)

o When will I receive my invitation to attend Convocation?

Ans: Invitation cards will be sent to all eligible students both electronically and by post latest by 20th May 2014. If you do not receive your invitation by then, please contact the Academic office. Security passes will be issued to the students from the helpdesk at Silver Spring Hostel from 2th June, 2014 onwards. All the students are required to mandatorily carry their security passes issued form IITI while approaching the convocation venue at Simrol on the day of convocation, failing which the students will not be permitted to enter the convocation hall.

o How do I RSVP for Convocation?
Ans: Please write to convocation@iiti.ac.in

o What are the deadlines for graduating?
Ans: Applications for Graduation must be submitted latest by May 15, 2014 and all requirements must be met in order to participate in the June Convocation ceremony.

o How many guests am I allowed to bring?
Ans: To facilitate each student and his/her family to fully participate in the Convocation, each student may be accompanied by four guests.

o What do I need to do before I can graduate?
Ans: You must have completed all academic requirements before you submit the Convocation form. Fill out an IIT Indore Convocation Form.

o What do I wear underneath the grad gown?
Ans: For both Boys and Girls, formal black or dark colored trouser with white full sleeve shirt and institute neck tie** to compliment your dressing. ** Necktie may be purchased from the Institute.

o Can I purchase a graduation gown?
Ans: No, convocation gowns are not for sale, all the students are supposed to return it after the convocation. However you may buy the institute necktie.

o How will my name appear on the degree certificate?
Ans: Your name will appear on your certificate as recorded in the official student record of IIT Indore.

o How can I arrange to get a graduation portrait taken?
Ans: A portrait photographer will be available at the site of the convocation to take your picture in a gown and hood.

o I have responded to the Convocation invitation indicating that I would attend the ceremony, but am no longer able to do so. Who should I contact?
Ans: Please contact the Convocation office.

o I am unable to attend the convocation ceremony. Can someone else receive my degree certificate on my behalf?
Ans: We do not allow degree certificates to be collected by anyone else.