IIT Indore
Resources available at lab

IITI Computer Science & Engineering lab is equipped with a small Apache spark cluster setup version 1.4.0 with Hadoop version 2.4.

The spark cluster consists of three nodes (clusters). Each node has following configuration: 1) Intel Xenon ® CPU ES-1607 v3@ 3.10 GHz x 4, 64 GB RAM 2) HDFS for storing data across the cluster and YARN for resource management.

System name: Dell precision Tower 5810

Operating system: Ubuntu 14.04

Number of nodes: 3 , Number of processing cores: 12 , Total memory: 192 GB, Total disk: 5TB

Outcomes: The setup is established to check the performance of developed Scalable Machine learning algorithms (like softcomputing/datamining : clustering, hybrid quantum fuzzy neural network, evolutionary techniques) for handling big data in various domains of pattern recognition like genomics ( to increase the productivity of next generation plants based on the conserved region of plants), Stock exchange, disease diagnosis etc.

Dr. Aruna Tiwari
Associate Professor
Computer Science and Engineering