Dipankar Debnath was born in Tripura which is one of the northeastern seven sister states in India. He received his B. E. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Agartala, India, in 2009. Subsequently he joined Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, India, (now IIEST Shibpur) from where he obtained his M. E. degree in 2011. In the same year he joined department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay from where he received his PhD degree in 2015.

Dr. Debnath worked as a Research Associate at IIT Bombay for approximately 4 months before joining IIT Indore as Assistant Professor in Jan, 2016.

Dr. Debnath is presently working on the application of Power Electronics to different aspects of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Some of the specific applications/areas include: a) design of solar PV based standalone/off-grid systems for deployment in rural areas, b) transformer-less inverter design for grid connected solar PV systems, c) distributed maximum power point tracking (DMPPT) schemes for medium/large scale solar plants, d) PV based UPS schemes for semi-urban areas.

His future research interest includes: a) multi-functional, decentralized inverter schemes for grid integration of renewable energy sources, b) design of integrated converter topologies, c) study of micro-grid: dc, ac and hybrid, d) design of power converters for air borne and marine applications.


Dr. Dipankar Debnath

Assistant Professor

Discipline of Electrical Engineering

IIT Indore