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PACL Campus, IIT-Indore
Survey No. 113/2-B
Opposite to Veterinary College
MHOW Road, Harnia Khedi
Tehsil: Mhow, District: Indore


The main purpose of the symposium is to foster international cooperation in the areas of Complex Analysis and Conformal Geometry, and to promote further interaction among Indian experts in Geometric Function Theory with a wide range of function theorists and geometers from other countries. The symposium will, for the most part, focus on the following areas of Complex Analysis of current relevance: univalent harmonic mappings, hyperbolic-type geometries, functions spaces, and the role played by them in function theory. The primary emphasis of the symposium will be on promoting collaborative research work involving all the potential participants. The relevant themes from Complex Analysis and Conformal Geometry will be introduced to the participants through a series of lectures on this topic by globally renowned experts. It will put special emphasis on exposure of PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to the latest trends. The three-day symposium will include a couple of problem-discussion sessions. The plan is to bring together a group of experts from diverse subfields to discuss recent progress and to share ideas on open questions. Research students, it is hoped, will especially benefit from these sessions through the professional insight gained. The symposium will provide early-career researchers with a valuable forum to showcase their work and obtain feedback from leading researchers in the field. More generally, the symposium aims to bring ideas and inspiration to their ongoing research work, and to foster conversations between them and the senior researchers participating in the programme.


The main speakers of the symposium are distinguished researchers in the field of Complex Analysis, in particular in the subject areas of the symposium. Their lectures will highlight the intricate links between the various areas and their applications. These lectures are intended to serve as a catalyst for generating new ideas and for further collaborative activities.


The symposium will provide an opportunity for fruitful interaction among researchers from India and several other International participants.

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