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Gravitation and Holographic Principle Group

Candidates highly motivated to pursue a research career in Physics in the field of gravitation, string theory and holographic principle are invited to apply for Ph.D. programme in Physics in IIT Indore.

A candidate must satisfy anyone of the following criteria.

  1. M. Tech/ M.Phil degree in relevant branch of science with good academic background in physics and mathematics.

  2. An academically good Masters degree in a Science/Engineering/Technology subject with CSIR-JRF or UGC-JRF or a valid GATE score.

  3. An academically good B.Tech. from an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

  4. Applicants with equivalent foreign degrees, at Bachelors or Masters level will also be considered.

Write to me at manav@iiti.ac.in or manav7up@gmail.com.
Fill in the application form. Send a soft or hard copy to me.

For details of eligibility, category of admission, fellowships and application procedure, please visit the Institute website: http://www.iiti.ac.in/Research/downloadable_forms.html .

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E-mail: manav7up@gmail.com or