1. Analysis and classification of EEG signals based on nonlinear and non-stationary signal models, Department of Science & Technology, Total cost: Rs. 14,95,000, Duration: Three years (February 2012-February 2015), Awarded Excellent grade by DST Expert Committee in the review of the project. (Principal Investigator: Dr. Ram Bilas Pachori).

2. Development of new methodologies for analysis and classification of epileptic seizure EEG signals, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Total cost: Rs. 19,80,200, Duration: Three years (February 2016-February 2019). (Principal Investigator: Dr. Ram Bilas Pachori).

3. Analysis of coronary artery disease by signal processing through MATLAB, Professional Group of Conferences (PGC),Visakhapatnam, India, Rs. 7,40,600, Duration: 20 months (Started from August 2017). (Consultant: Dr. Ram Bilas Pachori)

4. Development of a portable acoustic sensor based canine pregnancy detection system and biomarker-based canine pregnancy test kit, Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Total cost: Rs. 99.9 Lakh , Duration: Four years (2017-2021). (Principal Investigator: Dr. Debasis Nayak, Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Ram Bilas Pachori, Dr. Niranjan Sahoo, Anjan Kumar Shaoo, Dr. Gourinath Banda) (Approved).

5. Detection of human brain disorders using novel machine learning approaches, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Total cost: Rs. 31,26,240, Duration: Three years (October 2017-October 2020). (Principal Investigator: Dr. M. Tanveer, Co-Principal. Investigator: Dr. Ram Bilas Pachori) (Approved).