Members of the Lab


  • Preeti A. Bhobe Associate Professor, Dept of Physics, IIT Indore from June 2016 onwards Assistant Professor, Dept of Physics, IIT Indore (Dec, 2011 - May 2016). Adjunt faculty at Dept of Metallurgy and Materials Science, IIT Indore

Post Doctoral Fellow

  • Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Completed his PhD from UGC-DAE-CSR, Indore. Currently working on magnetic properties of Rare-earth Oxides. Joined the group in January, 2016.

Research Scholars

  • Priyadarshini Suchismita Behera Works on structural, magnetic and transport properties of Spinel Chalcogenides. Submitted her Ph.D. thesis in July, 2017

  • Mithun Kr. Majee Completed M.Sc from IIT Bombay. Works on structural aspects of Delaffosite Oxides. Joined the group in December, 2014.

  • Sayan Chaudhuri Completed M.Sc. from IIT Madras. Works on electronic properties of Heusler alloys. Joined the group in December, 2014.

  • Gowthamaraju S. Completed M.Phil from Bharathiar University. Works on thermoelectric properties of Tin Selenides. Joined the group in June, 2015.

  • Tamalika Samanta Completed M.Sc. from University of Calcutta. Works on magnetic properties of full Heuslers. Joined the group in December, 2016.

M.Sc. Project Student

  • Ms. Sukriti Singh Works on Quarternay Heusler systems for her M.Sc. thesis. Joined the group in July, 2017.


Mr. Rajiv Kr. Basumatary M.Sc thesis (July 2016 - June, 2017)

Mr. Piyush Kumar Gautam M.Sc thesis (July, 2015 - June, 2016)

Dr. Molla Mehedi Hassan (January, 2015 - December, 2015) Presently working as young scientist in CGCRI Kolkata