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Dr. P. R. Sagdeo
Associate Professor

Faculty Profile
Dr. Sagdeo is developing the smart materials for room temperature magneto dielectric and multiferroic applications. Presently Dr. Sagdeo is guiding five research scholars as guide/co-guide and developed state of the art research facilities at IIT Indore. To know more about the research activities please visit the publication page.

  • Dr. P.R. Sagdeo (Pankaj Ramesh Sagdeo) born and brought up in Indias most beautiful city of Nagpur.
  • For his doctoral work Dr. Sagdeo demonstrate the structural origin and importance of strain responsible for various electronic and magnetic phases observed in Perovskite Oxides.
  • After completing Ph.D. Dr. Sagdeo Joined Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in 2008 as a Scientific Officer-D. Dr. Sagdeo setup the state of the art coating facilities for optical and neutron mirror applications at BARC and proudly published first research publication from BARC/DAE Visakhapatnam.
  • In June 2012 Dr. Sagdeo Joined Indian Institute of Technology Indore. In IIT Indore Dr. Sagdeo is involved in Research, Teaching and established a material research laboratory which works on the physics of highly correlated electron system, quantum confinements in nanocrystalline systems and scientific instrumentation development.
  • Dr. Sagdeo is having strong hold on various important sample characterization techniques and working as a referee for various scientific journals of AIP, IOP, Elsevier, MRS, Wiley, Springer etc.
  • His research interest includes:
    • Highly correlated electron system including Manganites, Multiferroics, high temperature superconductors, electron transport etc..
    • Crystallography, structural phase transformation and structural property correlation
    • Synchrotron radiation for material characterization
    • Surface Interface Physics.
    • Optical/Magnetic Multilayer
    • Solar Cell Etc.