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The Hybrid Nanodevice Research Group (HNRG) led by Dr. Shaibal Mukherjee in Electrical Engineering at IIT Indore explores new physics of micro- and nano-structured materials, and to apply this knowledge to realizing advanced tools and devices for chemical, biological, optical, electronic and energy applications.


HNRG has been actively involved in the the researches include design of high-performance light emitting diode (LED), laser, solar cell, detectors, high mobility transistor; fabrication and packaging of opto-electronic devices.

Recent Publication

First-time demonstration of room-temperature all-ZnO MQW Blue LED, Journal of Luminescence, July, 2016.

High 2-DEG density in ZnO-based HEMT, IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices, January 2017.


Dr. Shaibal Mukherjee has been given DeitY YFRF award.

Outstanding work of Vivek Garg has been recognized by the International Precious Metals Institute, Inc.


Hybrid Nanodevice Research Group (HNRG)