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Sponsored Resarch Projects
S.N. Funding Agency Topic Budget (Lakhs in INR) Duration Role
1 DST SERB Development of ZnO-based heterostructures..... 67.5862 2017-2020 PI
2 CSIR Fabrication of ZnO/MgZnO based..... 6 2017-2020 PI
3 DST Clean Energy Research Initiative (CERI) Development and study of the effect of valence plasmonic features and band alignment...... 37.62 2016-2019 PI
4 DST-RFBR Project under India-Russia Programme of Cooperation in Science and Technology Microstructural and electronic parameters of heterojunction solar...... 20.896 2017-2019 PI
5 CSIR Germanium junctionless transistors for low power logic technology applications 7.4 2016-2019 co-PI
6 DST through Global Innovation and Technology Alliance (GITA) under India-Taiwan Programme of Cooperation in Science and Technology Innovative low power transistor architectures for capacitorless DRAM 24.09 2016-2019 co-PI
7 DST Nano Mission Synergistic Effect of Self-assembling Organic Inorganic Hybrid Materials for the Applications in Nanosciences 52.9 2016-2019 co-PI
S.N. Funding Agency Title Budget (Lakhs in INR) Role
1 DST Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientists Design, fabrication and characterization of high-quality zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructure-based nano-devices 20.51 PI
2 CSIR Development of hybrid ZnO-based multiple quantum-well ultraviolet-visible light emitting diode by dual ion beam sputtering deposition 9.5 PI
3 DST SERB Development of ZnO-heterostructure based high-efficiency bluish light emitting diode 55 PI
4 Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) Electrical, optical, elemental, and structural properties of DIBS deposited plasmonic-based group I-III-VI2-chalcopyrite photovoltaic thin films 22 PI
5 DST SERB Evaluation of junctionless transistors for next generation CMOS devices and circuits 19.7752 Co-PI
Consultancy Projects
S.N. Funding Agency Title Budget (Lakhs in INR) Role
1 Ministry of Defence Feasibility study of laser mirrors 9.12 PI