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If you have any other questions, please send those with the subject line ‘FAQ’.

Frequently asked questions

  1. BulletAbout the Card

  2. 1. What is a SMART Card?

  3. A smart card is a plastic card about the size of a credit card, with an embedded microchip that can be loaded with data, used for electronic cash payments, and other applications, and then periodically refreshed for additional use.

  1. 2. Is my Campus Card an ID Card?

  2. Yes. Your Campus Card also serves as an identity card. All your information is printed on the back-side of the card.

  1. 3. Who is eligible to receive the Campus Card?

  2. All students, faculty members and staff are eligible to get the Campus Card. Scientists, Research Fellows, Post-Doc, JRF, SRF working in projects are also eligible.

  1. 4. How do I take care of my Campus Card?

  2. Your Campus Card is built to last the entire time you are a student/employee here.  Protect you card from excessive heat; do not bend your cards; keep your card away from magnets.

  1. 5. How long will my Campus Card last?

  2. Till the expiry date mentioned in the card.

  1. 6. What is a Virtual Account Number? What is its use and where is it printed in the Campus Card?

  2. Virtual Account Number (VAN) is a unique 15 digit number (e.g., 2789 0000 0000 xxxx) bank account number with which a card user can transfer money online. Each registered user in the institute gets a unique VAN. It is printed on the front side of your card near the bottom left side below your employee id/student registration number.

  1. 7. What is a Card Number? Where is it printed in my card?

  2. Every card has its unique number which is not printed on the card. You can read your card number in the Information Kiosk and Cash Deposit Kiosk

  1. BulletObtaining your card

  2. 8. What is the procedure to get my new Campus Card?

  3. You will have to fill in your information (Name, Roll number/employee ID, Department, Course/Designation, etc) and insert the link for the photographs. For more information, please visit this page

  1. 9. I received my Campus Card. Is there any other formality to be completed.

  2. Immediately after getting your Campus Card, you should get your PIN and fingerprint enrolled. Without this you will not be able to use your card for payment.

  3. 10. What is a PIN and fingerprint?

  4. Your Campus Card transactions are highly secured. You cannot make any transactions unless you authenticate via PIN/fingerprint. PIN is your 4 digit Personal Identification Number. Your default PIN is 1111. You should change your PIN in the information Kiosk and Cash Deposit Kiosk immediately after receiving your Campus Card.  At the time of fingerprint enrolment, you fingerprint (any finger of your choice) will be scanned and stored in your card. You can use your PIN and fingerprint for authentication at the time of payment in Canteen, Library or Bus. You can verify your fingerprint in the Information Kiosk and Cash Deposit Kiosk.

  1. 11. I verified my fingerprint in the information kiosk, Cash Deposit Kiosk and POS Device. I get the following message: ‘‘Fingerprint not Matched’’. What should i do now?

  2. Please get your fingerprint re-enrolled.

  1. 12. I forgot my PIN. What should i do now?

  2. Please feel free to write to

  1. BulletLoading cash into your card

  2. 13.Can I load cash in my Campus card?

  3. Your Campus Card is a Smart Card. It can carry cash in it.

  1. 14.How should I load cash in my Campus card?

  2. Option 1: Deposit cash in the Cash Deposit Kiosk placed in Smart Card Cell

  3. Option 2: Transfer money online from any of your existing bank account.

  4. 15.How can I transfer money online?

    Step 1:  Add the following beneficiary details in your existing bank account and approve it in order to perform NEFT Transfer.

  1.              Name: Your name printed on the card;  Account number:  This is printed on your card

  2.               Bank : Axis Bank                                   IFSC Code        : UTIB0CCH274   (..B-Zero-CC..)

     Step 2:  Transfer the amount

     Step 3:  Wait for a few hours 

     Step 4:  Update your card (i.e., Load Recharge) in any of the devices.

  1. 16.I have already done a NEFT recharge. How should I update my Campus Card?

  2. Please go to any Point of Sale device (Tastebuds, Library in School Building), Information Kiosk or Cash Deposit Kiosk. Tap your card and click ‘‘Student Register’’ >> ‘‘Load Recharge’’. Take the printed receipt.

  1. 17.I have already done a NEFT recharge. I tried updating the card (Load Recharge) but the amount has not been credited yet in my card.

  2. Please wait for at least 5 to 6 hours after performing a NEFT Transfer and load recharge your card in any of the devices. You can also check your account statement online.

  1. BulletCash Deposit Machine

  2. 18.Where is the Cash Deposit Kiosk located?

  3. Smart Card Cell

  4. 19.What operations can I do in the Cash Deposit Kiosk?

  5. You can deposit cash, load recharge, verify fingerprint, verify PIN and read card number in the Cash Deposit Kiosk.

  6. 20.What is the least amount I can deposit in the Cash Collecting Machine.

  7. The minimum amount is Rs. 50.

  8. 21.Can I deposit Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 currency notes?

  9. Please do not deposit any amount less than Rs. 50. Also, do not deposit any soiled, mutilated or stapled currency notes. The machine will not return these notes.

  10. 22.I deposited cash in the Cash Deposit Machine. I got the following message: ‘Transaction Failed’’. What should I do now?

  11. This means that your card was not enrolled. Please write to with the subject line - ‘‘Transaction Failed’. Your money will be returned to you back at the end of the month.

  1. BulletUsing your Card

  2. 23.Where can I use my Campus Card?

  3. Currently, you can use it for payment of mess fee/library fee

  1. BulletCard lost and other issues

  2. 24.I lost my card? What should I do now.

  3. You must get your card blocked and then you should send a request for a new Card. You will have to pay Rs. 200 as fee. As your information is already available with us, you need not provide any new information. If you wish, you can send your recent photograph.

  1. BulletReturning your card

  2. 25.Should I return my Smart Card after completion of my course?

  3. Your Campus Card should be returned to the concerned section after the completion of your course.