Smart Card Facility

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If you have not yet received your smart card, we ask you to  fill the smart card request form and contact the concerned person

Information to be provided for obtaining your new card

Students, faculty members and staffs are requested to fill the forms given below. Please note that you should login with your institute e-mail id in order to fill this form -

Students, SRF, JRF (Click to view form)

Faculty members, Staff, Scientists, Post-Docs (Click to view form)

Smart Cards are also being issued to dependents of all employees (who are on payroll). Employees from the respective departments/sections are requested to fill the appropriate form.

  1. Academic Section

  2. Administration Section

  3. Astronomy

  4. Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering

  5. Chemistry

  6. Computer Science and Engineering

  7. Director Office

  8. Electrical Engineering

  9. Estate Section

  10. Finance Section

  11. Humanities and Social Sciences

  12. Dispensary

  13. Library

  14. Material Management Section

  15. Material Science and Engineering

  16. Mathematics

  17. Mechanical Engineering

  18. Physical Education

  19. Physics

  20. R&D section

  21. Registrar Office

  22. Security

  23. Transport

  24. Other sections which are not listed above

Your Photographs:


  1. You may upload the photograph in google drive and provide the corresponding link to the photographs in the forms above.

  2. 80% of the area should cover your face. One of the photographs should be less than 50 kb.