Smart Card Facility

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   Online Smart Card Statement

The smart card software offers a facility to view your daily/monthly/yearly transaction details. This facility can be availed from anywhere online by Students/Faculty members/Staffs. Please click the following links depending on your current location:

On-Campus (Click here)
Off-Campus (Click here)

Users who cannot access the devices in the Campus to read their ‘‘Card Number’’, can click the the ‘‘Forgot Password?’’ option and fill their Student Registration Number/Employee ID. Please note that users have been registered as PHDxxxxx or xxxxxxxxx (PhD Students); PHDxxxxx/FACxxxxxxxx / xxxxxxxxx (Faculty members); xxxxxxxxxx (B.Tech/M.Tech/M.Sc students); STAxxxxxxx / xxxxxxx (Staff). Users are requested to fill in their institute e-mail address to receive the password.

Username for PhD students: PHDxxxxx or xxxxxxx

Username for Faculty members: PHDxxxx/FACxxxxx/ xxxxxxxxx

Username for UG and PG students:  xxxxxxxxx

Username for Staff: STAxxxxxxx / xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx --> Student Registration number/Employee ID

Password: Your Card number 

Please use the ‘Read Card number’ option (Student Register>> Read Card number) in the information kiosk/cash deposit kiosk placed in Smart Card Cell.

Note that the 15 digit number printed on the front side of your card (2789 xxxx xxxx xxxx ) is your Virtual Account Number and not your Smart Card Number.

Logging into the online application

Choosing the ‘Forgot Password’ link option

If you have any issue in logging into the online system, please write to us.

IIT-I e-mail address