Smart Card Facility

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Recharging (Transferring cash to your Campus Card)

You campus card can carry cash in it electronically. You may recharge your card by depositing cash in the Cash Deposit Kiosk or transfer money online from your bank account.

Option#1: Online NEFT Recharge

  1. How to update/load recharge/view your Campus Card Balance in POS Device?

  Tap your smart card in the location shown and in the display please choose

    Student Register >> Load Recharge.

    You will get a printed receipt showing the amount credited to your card.

Updating your card:

   Five or six hours after transferring the amount to your Virtual Account Number, please update your card in any of the following devices:

  1.    Information Kiosk at the Smart Card Cell

  2.    Cash Deposit Kiosk at the Smart Card Cell

  3.    POS Device in Tastebuds

  4.    POS Device in Library in School Building

- After transferring money online

Transferring funds online: You can transfer funds online to your card from your existing bank (any bank) account. Please go to your online bank account and add the following inter-bank beneficiary details:

  1. Beneficiary Name          : Your name

  2. Bank Name                    : Axis Bank

  3. IFSC Code                      : UTIB0CCH274 (Please note the letter after B is ZERO)

  4. Virtual Account Number: 2789 0000 0000 XXX (Printed on the front-side of your card below your student registration number/employee ID)