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Prof. Ajay Kumar Kushwaha

Associate Professor & HoD,

Department of Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science (MEMS)

Faculty, Center for Advanced Electronics (CAE)
Faculty, Center of Futuristic Defense and Space Technology (CFDST)
Indian Institute of Technology Indore – 453552
Phone: +91-731-660-3250 (office)



Welcome to our research group page!

Our Group is motivated to develop low cost, large scale, and facile materials for clean energy, electronics & electrochemical devices. At present, the group works on synthesis of functional nanomaterials and thin films of metal oxides, metals, alloys & 2D materials (graphene and mxenes). The group is interested to understand the fundamental properties of nanoscale materials and effect of interfacial properties on electrochemical devices.

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    Prof. Irina A. Kurzina (Tomsk State University, Russia) & Dr. Mariya Visited us a Collaborator under Indo-Russia Project (Nov-2023)
    Welcome Dr. Paul (University Nangui Abrogoua Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire) as Visiting Professor under CV Raman International Fellowship , 09/2023
    Dr. Kushwaha: BEST PAPER PRESENTATION AWARD in 11th Asia Conference on Mechanical and Materials Engineering, JAPAN 08-11 June 2023.
    Dr. Kushwaha: Visited The University of Tokyo & Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, June 2023.
    Dr. Kushwaha: Visited several Universities and Industries in Taiwan (with IIT Indore delegation), 14-20 May, 2023.
    Dr. Kushwaha: Joined as HEAD of Department, MEMS, IIT Indore, 30th March, 2023.
    Mr. Akshay Kumar Sonwane Joined the group as PhD Fellow (DST INSPIRE), 03 Jan, 2023