DNA Sequencing:
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2. Theoretical Study of Electronic Transport through DNA Nucleotides in a Double-Functionalized Graphene Nanogap. J. Prasongkit, A. Grigoriev, Biswarup Pathak, R. Ahuja, and R.H. Scheicher Journal of Physical Chemistry C(Impact Factor: 4.835), 117, 15421-15428, 2013.

1. Double Functionalized Nanopore Embedded Gold Electrodes for Rapid DNA Sequencing. Biswarup Pathak,* H. Lofas, J. Prasongkit, A. Grigoriev, R. Ahuja, R. H. Scheicher*, Applied Physics Letter(Impact Factor: 3.794), 100, 023701(1-3), 2012. ( Cover Page Article | Selected for Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology |** APL's 50th Anniversary Editor's Picks ** )

Dr. Biswarup Pathak
Associate Professor