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Manavendra N Mahato,
Department of Physics,
School of Sciences,
IIT Indore


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Manavendra N Mahato
Assistant Professor

I am working in the area of holography. Here we deal with those theories of gravity which contain a lot of information about its boundary encoded in its geometry. The information about the boundary may correspond to some quantum field theory such as non-Abelian Yang Mills theory, conformal field theory, or a condensed matter theory or fluid dynamics. Since the boundary theory has one less dimension, this relation is called holographic

relation is called holographic principle. Other popular name is gauge/gravity correspondence as the most of the research in this area so far has been done to investigate properties of various gauge theories, notably conformal field theories. Most concrete and well studied version is known as AdS/CFT ( anti de Sitter/ conformal field theory) correspondence.

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