GIAN Course on

Theory and Application of Wavelets and Framelets

28 December 2017 - 04 January 2018

Venue: Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IIT Indore)

Overview of the course

As the major tool for multiscale data analysis, wavelets have a wide scope of applications in mathematics, engineering, physics, sciences, and industries. For example, wavelets have been adopted in JPEG-2000 standard for image compression, and wavelet subdivision algorithms have been used in animation movie industry. Being a multidisciplinary research area, wavelets and framelets are very effective for representing various functions and data. The great success of wavelets and framelets largely lies in their many desired properties such as multiscale structure, sparse representation, efficient approximation schemes, good time-frequency localization, and fast computational algorithms. In comparison to traditional wavelets, framelets have the desired properties of redundancy for robustness and flexibility for adaptive custom design. The current developments on wavelet theory are focusing on framelet aspects and their applications in high-dimensional data analysis. For example, algorithms using framelets currently provide the-state-of-the-art results in image processing, and are popular in geometric modelling processing.  

Objectives of the course

There are three major objectives in this course:

1. Introduce the algorithms and basic theory of wavelets and framelets to students and interested researchers. This will equip the students and researchers the basic knowledge on wavelet theory, teach them how to develop and implement their own fast framelet/wavelet transforms, and introduce them to design their own wavelets and framelets for their own purposes.

2. Bring the students and researchers to the wide scope of applications using wavelets and framelets. There are numerous applications of wavelets and framelets and we mainly concentrate on their applications to signal/image processing and geometric modelling. Throughout the lectures and tutorials, the students and researchers will become familiar with how to concretely use/implement wavelets and framelets to solve some practical problems in applications.

3. Present some most recent developments on wavelets and framelets. This allows the students and researchers to become aware what are the current frontiers of wavelet theory and what are the possible further developments and applications of wavelets and framelets. The students' knowledge about the course content will be raised to the level such that they will be able to use wavelets and framelets for their own applications and research.  

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The Teaching Faculty

Professor Bin Han is a full professor of mathematics at the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences in the University of Alberta, Canada. The research area of Bin Han includes applied harmonic analysis, wavelet analysis and their applications in computer graphics, image/signal processing, and numerical algorithms. Bin Han serves as an editor for four academic SCI journals including Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis and Journal of Approximation Theory. Bin Han is an author of more than 85 papers in top academic SCI journals and is the author of the book: Framelets and wavelets: algorithms, analysis, and applications. According to SCI citation for recent 10-year work, he is ranked within top 200 in mathematics with several of his papers cited 299, 132 and 118 times. He has been invited to present many invited talks including five plenary talks in major international conferences in the area of wavelets, approximation theory, and applied and computational harmonic analysis. For example, he presented a 1-hour plenary talk in the 13th International Conference on Approximation Theory in March 2010 at San Antonio, USA. He served as the director of the Applied Mathematics Institute at the University of Alberta from 2012 to 2015. He has supervised 5 PhD students, 4 MSc students, and 5 postdoctoral fellows. For more details, visit:  

The Host Faculty


Dr. Niraj K. Shukla is working as an Assistant Professor in Discipline of Mathematics, IIT Indore. His research interest is Wavelet, Frame and Harmonic Analysis. For more details, visit  

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