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Prof. Neelesh Kumar Jain

Sponsored Research Projects by Prof. Neelesh Kumar Jain as Principal Investigator

S.N. Sponsoring Agency Title of the Project Amount of Grant Duration Co-investigator
(If any)
1 DST, Govt. of India DST-FIST Project on Gear Engineering INR 2.8 Crore 2015-2020 Dr. Anand Parey
Dr. I A Palani
Dr. B K Lad HOD, ME
2 CSIR, New Delhi Experimental Investigations and Performance Optimization of High-Precision Finishing of Gears by Electro Chemical Honing (ECH) Process INR 18.76 Lacs 2009-2013 Prof. P. K. Jain (IIT Roorkee)
3 Dean, SRIC IIT Roorkee Investigation on Precision Finishing of External Gears by Electrochemical Honing (ECH) Process INR 4.5 Lacs 2008-2010 None

Consultancy Projects by Prof. Neelesh Kumar Jain

S.N. Sponsoring Agency Title Amount of Grant Duration Other Investigator(s)
1 VNIT Nagpur Measurement and Analysis of surface Roughness of Coated Samples Rs. 7,000/- April 2015 None
2 AVTEC Pithampur Technical Opinion on Spline Hubs for Clutch Plate Rs. 1.00 Lacs Feb-March 2015 Dr. Anand Parey
3 VNIT Nagpur Measurement and Analysis of surface Roughness of Metal Matrix Composite samples Rs. 7,500/- Jan 2015 None
4 Shree Power Limited, Ras, Distt. Pali (Rajasthan) Failure Analysis of Gearboxes used in Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) Fan Rs. 3.0 Lacs July-Sep. 2013 Dr. Anand Parey
Prof. S C Koria
5 Govt. Dental College, Indore Measurement and Analysis of Surface Roughness of Bio-material used for Dental Applications Rs. 4,500/- Sep 2012 None