Mechatronics and Instrumentation Laboratory, IIT Indore

Mechatronics and Instrumentation Laboratory

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. I. A. Palani,

Associate Professor


This laboratory focuses on developing multi-functional products and instruments with modern interdisciplinary technologies. The laboratory is involved with the integration of Mechanical, Electronics, Material and Controls engineering in the product design processes and development.

Recent News

  • Mr. Jayachandran S has received a award of Madhya Pradesh Govt. "Young Scientist Award" on 26 march 2021.
  • Mr. Karthick S and Mr. Manikandan M have received one of the prestigious fellowship of Purdue-India Overseas Doctoral Fellowship sponsored by SERB India. (2020) which is awarded only for 25 students allover the country.
  • Our group have published an article of "Enhancement of triboelectric nanogenerator output performance by laser 3D- Surface pattern method for energy harvesting application" in Elsevier Nano Energy (IF:16.602). (2020)
  • Our manuscript got Institute Best Research award by IIT Indore (2019)

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