Mechatronics and Instrumentation Laboratory, IIT Indore

Mechatronics and Instrumentation Laboratory

Department of Mechanical Engineering

S.No Project Title Funding Agency Fund (INR) Duration
1 Design and development of SMA coated optical fiber for condition monitoring in cryogenic environment.(Principal Investigator) SERB-SUPRA 73.79 lakh 2022-25
2 Development of Laser based Triboelectric Nanogenertaors to harvest energy from Shoe Sole. (Principal Investigator)(Dr.Vipul Singh [Co-Principal Investigator]) DRDO ARMREB 47.36 lakh 2021-24
3 Development of Shape Memory alloy Packaging for Cryo Temperature sensing . (Principal Investigator) ISRO 26.78 lakh 2021-23
4 Design and fabrication of shape memory alloy actuators for soft robotics applications. (Principal Investigator) DRDO DYSL-SM 24.33 lakh 2021-23
5 Design and development of deflecting micro mirrors and micro manipulator using laser micro machined shape memory alloy bimorph for opto-mechatronics application (Principal Investigator) SERB Core research Grant 62.70 lakh 2021-24
6 Development of thick and thin NiTi shape memory alloy porous structures using laser and wire arc additive manufacturing. (Principal Investigator) DST:RSF 81.09 lakh 2019-22
7 Design and development of Laser Decal Transfer based Micro 3D Printer for printing micro devices (Principal Investigator) (Dr.Vipul Singh [Co-Principal Investigator]) DST:AMT 34.23 lakh 2018-2020
8 Design and Development of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Bi-morph drive for waste thermal heat energy recovering system (Principal Investigator) SERB 42.05 lakh 2017-2020
9 Design and Fabrication of Pretrained Post buckled Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Composites to Develop Adaptive Flapper for Missiles. (Principal Investigator) (Dr.Amod Umarikar [Co-Principal Investigator]) DRDO:IMRAT 22.62 lakh 2016-17
10 Investigations on Structural and thermomechanical behavior of the Cu- based shape memory alloy bimorphs prepared by laser assisted manufacturing. (Principal Investigator) DST: DAAD 7.76 lakh 2017-19
11 Development of SMA bi-morph belt for deriving waste energy from the automobile engine. (Principal Investigator) (Dr.Devendra Deshmukh [Co-Principal Investigator]) MHRD 72.41 lakh 2016-18
12 Development of Eco friendly ZnO UV LED. (Principal Investigator) (Dr.Vipul Singh [Co-Principal Investigator]) DST:JSPS 4.76 lakh 2014-16
13 Promotion of environmental friendly plasma nitriding and nitro carburizing. (Principal Investigator) ( Dr. Kazi S. [Co-Principal Investigator]) DST 95.84 lakh 2013-15
14 High deposition additive manufacturing of complex parts. (Co- Principal Investigator) DST: UKIERI 16.05 lakh 2014-17
15 Centre for gear manufacturing (One of the member) DST:FIST 45 lakh 2015-20
S.No Consultancy Projects Consultancy name Fund (INR)
1 Laser forming of brake pedals and clutch pedals WABCO India Ltd 3.3 lakh
2 Laser forming of NiTi structures for Aerofoils design GE India Ltd 5.75 lakh
3 Laser forming of engine cabinets John Deere India Ltd 0.75 lakh
4 Laser nitriding on automobile engine block and peening on gears WABCO India Ltd 3.50 lakh