Short term Course on

Matrix Computations and its application

in systems, signal and control problems

February 16-21, 2021

Department of Mathematics, IIT Indore

Overview of the the proposed event

The course provides knowledge and understanding of matrix computations in various applications. For this, deeper knowledge of theory, methods, algorithms and software is required for different classes of numerical linear algebra problems. Among other things, the course discusses projections, fundamental subspaces, transformations, orthogonality and angles, rank, matrix factors (eg LU, QR, SVD), condition numbers (ill-posed or well-posed problems), direct and iterative methods to solve linear systems of eigenvalue problems, canonical forms using DFT, FFT, for circulent and Hankel matrices in signals, and related problems involving in control, systems and signal and numerical solution of ODE/PDE through MATLAB.  

How will this short-term course going to benefit Teachers?

It is necessary to bring different topics from the undergraduate curriculum and introduce students and faculty to a developing area in mathematics. Basic matrix computation is a natural topic of this course. The great success of matrix theory mostly lies in their many desired properties such as signals, systems and control.
This allows the Teachers to become aware what are the current frontiers of matrix computation and what are the possible further developments and applications of matrix computations. The participants' knowledge about the course content will be raised to the level such that they will be able to use theory fo matrix computation for their teaching and research.

Experts, and Topics to be Covered

    Talk by:

    Speakers Name

    1. Prof. Pradip Sirkar from IIT Kanpur

    2. Dr. Punit Sharma from IIT Delhi

    3. Dr. Gajendra kumar Vishwakarma From IIT Dhanbad

    4. Dr. Istkhar Ali from Integral University

    5. Dr. Mohammad Sajid from Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

    6. Prof. Ram Bilas Pachori from IIT Indore

    7. Dr. Niraj Kumar Shukla From IIT Indore

    8. Dr. Sk. Safique Ahmad from IIT Indore

    9. Dr. Bhupendra Singh, Scientist, CAIR-DRDO, Bangalore

    Topics to be covered:
  • Numerical Algorithm for solving inverse eigenvalue problems arsing in control
  • Sensistivity and condtioning of control problem
  • Controllabiliy, Obsevability and stablity of discrete time invariant system problem
  • Computing Eigenelements of Sturm-Liouville problems using Haar wavelets
  • Computation of eigenvalues and solutions of regular Sturm–Liouville problems using Haar wavelets
  • Solving system of linear differential equations using haar wavelet
  • The condition number of matrix
  • Characterization of the Haar wavelet matrix by their linear transformation and proved some theorems on properties of Haar wavelet matrix
  • Circulant matrices are important because they are diagonalized by a discrete Fourier transform, and hence linear transformation that contain them may be quickly solved using a FFT .
  • Properties of wavelet (Haar, Shannon, Daubechies, etc.)
  • Subdivision operator \& Pseudo inverse of a matrix
  • Low pass filter, high pass filter, p-stage-decomposition, etc. in signal and image processing
  • Approximation and Details space
  • Solution of differential and integral equation using wavelets (Haar, Daubechies)

  • Other special lectures, also.

    Important Date & Registration

      Last date of receiving application: February 10, 2021
      Online Registration Link
    • AICTE Colleges: No fee (for faculty members)*
      * The nominations along with the registration forms [Registration Form] must be sent through their coordinator/head to
    • Non-AICTE Colleges: ₹ 2,000/- per faculty/researcher**
    • For industry participants:: ₹ 5,000/- per participant**
      ** Evidence of payment should be emailed in advance to confirm the participation.

Mode of Payment

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