IIT Indore
Dr. Sanjram Premjit Khanganba
Associate Professor
Human-System Interaction
Human Factors & Applied Cognition Lab | IIT Indore

ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-6215-7500
Dr. Sanjram Premjit Khanganba works as a human factors research practitioner. He has worked in the industry prior to full-time engagement in academic research. He currently holds an academic position as an Associate Professor and is Former Head of School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Indian Institute of Technology Indore. He is a faculty member of— Discipline of Psychology, Department of Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering, Center for Electric Vehicles and Intelligent Transport Systems, and Center of Futuristic Defense and Space Technology. He has been working in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) for the last 17 years. He earned his Ph.D. from IIT Bombay and an M.Sc. degree from Bangalore University. His scientific research revolves around investigating aspects of applied cognition in system development, design, and evaluation. He has strong dedication towards addressing issues related to human-system interaction in the pursuit of technological innovation, improvement, and optimal utilization of human capabilities. He emphasizes community level intervention in addressing real-world problems. He engages local community members in conducting user testing and conceptualizing services. His research contexts range from road safety and complex technological environments to social design. He leads a highly motivated interdisciplinary team of volunteers, U.G. students, and P.G. students with diverse academic backgrounds under the aegis of Focused Research Group in Human Factors. He employs experimental investigation in the laboratory as well as field-testing involving analysis of gaze and electrophyisiological data. His research group is actively involved in constantly promoting research activities related to ICT and digital transformation within the framework of community systems primarily connected with remote areas of India’s Northeast Region (NER). His research at ‘Human Factors & Applied Cognition Lab (HFAC Lab)' concentrates on broad domains of— Automotive & Transport UX, Community Systems, Interactive Systems, Smart Environments & Automated Systems, Medical & Healthcare UI, Assistive Systems for Rehabilitation, and Human Performance. Currently, he is— an International Affiliate of American Psychological Association, a Member of IEEE Special Interest Group in Humanitarian Technology, a Member of Working Committee, Connecting the Unconnected, IEEE Future Networks, a Professional Member of Association for Computing Machinery, and a Life Member of Indian Society of Ergonomics. He is serving as a member of the Technical Committees of— Visual Ergonomics and Resilient Engineering, International Ergonomics Association. He is a founding member of the HCI Professionals Association of India.

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