IIT Indore
Group Members
Mr. Siva Chiriki
PhD in 2017
Area of research: ANN based modelling of potential energy surfaces of Au nanoclusters
Presently (Post Doc: Arhus University, Denmark)
Ms. Shweta Jindal (SRF)
Research scholar since July-2015
Area of research: Mathematical modelling of atomic environments for nanoclusters
Dr. Priya Singh (NPDF)
Phd (JNU, Delhi)
Joined as NPDF in 2017
Area of research: Development of sampling algorithms for nanoclusters
Mr. Vikas Soni (M.Sc. Project)
M.Sc chemistry
Area of research: Exploring machine learning techniques
Mr. Aniket Mandal (M.Sc. Project)
Area of research:Rys quadrature for repulsion integrals for implementing on hardware platform
Mr. Shubham Rawat (M.Sc. Project)
Area of research: MD simulations of nanoclusters
Ms. Kritika
Area of research:Reducing computational complexity using FPGA to study structure and dynamical properties of nanoparticles
Dr. Satya S. Bulusu
Associate Professor
Chemistry (Theoretical and Computational Chemistry)