Spring Semester

  • PhD Chemistry: (CH-708) Catalysis: Approaches and Applications

  • M.Sc. Chemistry: (CH-800) M.Sc. Research Project (Stage-II)

  • B.Tech.: (PCH-102) Chemistry Preparatory Course

  • Autumn Semester

  • PhD Chemistry: (CH-709) Advanced Bioinorganic Chemistry

  • PhD Material Science and Engineering: (MSE-797) Seminar Course

  • M.Sc. Chemistry: (CH-645) Organometallic Chemistry

  • M.Sc. Chemistry: (CH-641) Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry

  • M.Sc. Chemistry: (CH-799) M.Sc. Research Project (Stage-I)

  • M.Sc. Chemistry: (CH-651) MSc Chemistry Lab-I

  • B.Tech.: (CH-103) Chemistry

  • B.Tech.: (CH-153) Chemistry Practical Lab Course

Organometallics and Nanotech
Catalysis Group
Department of Chemistry, School of Basic Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Indore, Simrol, Indore 453 552, India