Solid State Ionics Lab | Dr. Sunil Kumar

The Solid State Ionics Lab is a research group in the Discipline of Metallurgy Engineering and Materials Science, Indian Institute of Technology Indore (India). Our group is involved in experimental research and primarily focuses on the design and development of functional materials for energy storage and piezoelectric applications. Briefly:

We aim to develop solid electrolytes as a mean to have safer, cheaper, and better performing electrochemical energy storage systems. The overarching goal of our group is to systematically investigate and address the fundamental questions related to Li-ion conduction and interfacial phenomenon, and associated impact on the charge/discharge capacities, columbic efficiency, electrochemical stability, and cycleability of rechargeable lithium batteries.

We are also systematically studying the effects of various dopants and processing parameters on the microstructure (especially domains), crystal structure, and the physical properties of lead-free piezoceramics. Further, our group synthesize novel pseudo-binary solid solutions and explore in-depth the compositions near the morphotropic phase boundary to understand the extrinsic contribution to the electromechanical properties of identified systems.

If you are interested in joining us for your UG/PG/postdoctoral work, feel free to contact us. For more details on the research focus of our group, click here.

  • Sushmita's work on polymer-ceramic composites is accepted for publication in the Journal of Alloys and Compounds (March 2021).

  • Tanvi's work on synthesis-structure-conductivity relationships in LiSn2(PO4)3 is accepted for publication in the journal Bulletin of Materials Science (February 2021).

  • Manish recieved the Institute Silver Medal for best academic performance among all graduating engineering PG students (October 2020).

  • MTech thesis work of Manish got accepted for publication in the journl Materials Science and Engineering: B (August 2020).

  • Harsha and Kaushal joined our group for their MTech theses work (July 2020).

  • Gudimella Sree joined this lab for his BTech Final Year project work (July 2020).

  • Manish and Shadab successfully defended their MTech theses (July 2020).

  • Shadab's work on PEO-LiClO4 based solid electrolytes is accepted for publication in the Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry (July 2020).

  • Sushmita's work on LaScO3 doped KNN piezoceramics is accepted for publication in the Journal of Applied Physics (February 2020).

  • Tanvi's work on polymer-ceramic composite electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium batteries accepted for publication in the Journal of Alloys and Compounds (December 2019).

  • Manish, Sushmita , and Shadab attended and presented their work at 64th DAE Solid State Physics Symposium (DAE-SSPS 2019) held at Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, Rajasthan during December 18-22, 2019 (December 2019).

  • Sushmita's work on KNN-based lead-free piezoceramics accepted for publication in the Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics (July 2019).

  • Ms Prasuryya Borah joined our group for Indian National Science Academy sponsored summer internship (June 2019).

  • Mr Vishnu Prasad CV and Mr Pratik Piyush Lenka joined the lab for Indian National Science Academy sponsored summer internship (May 2019).

  • Manish and Shadab joined the lab for their MTech theses work (April 2019).

PhD Students:

Potential candidates who are interested in joining our group for their doctoral thesis are requested to go through the information provided on the IIT Indore Academics website (click here) to know about the minimum-qualifications and eligibility criterion for various categories of admission in the PhD program at IIT Indore. The discipline of Metallurgy Engineering and Materials Science shortlists candidates based on their academic profiles, which is followed by the interview & potentially a written-exam [depending upon the number of applications received]. Candidates with an academic background or research experience in Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Chemistry, Materials Science, Ceramics Engineering, or Nanotechnology are typically a good fit in our group.

Postdoctoral Fellows:

At the moment, we are unable to provide financial assistance to postdocs from the ongoing research projects. However, candidates who are interested in functional materials (especially electroceramics, cathodes & anodes, and solid electrolytes for lithium batteries) are welcome to join our group for their post-doctoral work provided they secure independent funding via NPDF, DS Kothari postdoctoral fellowship, etc.

Project Students/Interns/Visitors:

Students who are interested in joining our group for a summer internship or their BTech/MTech/MS/MSc projects should send an e-mail to Dr. Sunil Kumar at sunil[AT] attaching their resume and a short write-up about the research topic outlining the proposed studies they wish to carry out in our lab. No funding is available at the moment for project students/interns. Eligible candidates may wish to apply to Indian National Science Academy (click here) for financial assistance.