TEQIP-III Sponsored Short-Term Course
Deep Learning for Biometrics

December 26-30, 2020

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Organized By

Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Lab
Discipline of Computer Science & Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Indore
Indore-453552, INDIA

Course Coordinator

Dr. Surya Prakash
Associate Professor
Discipline of Computer Science & Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Indore
Indore-453552, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
Phone: +91-731-660-3242
E-mail: surya@iiti.ac.in

Overview of the Proposed Course

The main motivation behind the use of biometrics is to provide a convenient mechanism for person authentication with the help of biological or behavioural characteristics and to eliminate the use of much inconvenient ways of authentication such as the ones which are based on ID card, password, physical keys, PINs etc. Recent biometric recognition techniques use deep learning for performing various tasks such as data pre-processing, feature extraction, feature selection, pattern classification, clustering, and so on. Methods and applications of deep learning in biometrics have seen tremendous advances in recent years. This course will provide an excellent opportunity to stu-dents, researchers and practitioners to learn deep learning techniques for biometric recognition.

Learning Objectives

1. Deep learning is the upcoming field and techniques based on deep learning have shown its applicability in various domains. This course will expose participants to deep learning techniques particularly useful for biometric applications and provide them an excellent opportunity to make themselves well verse with these techniques.
2. It will provide participants an opportunity to learn basic as well as advance topics of Deep Learning used in biometrics.
3. The course will deal with both theoretical and practi-cal aspects of deep learning techniques for biometrics.

Resource Persons

1. Dr. Surya Prakash, Associate Professor (CSE, IIT Indore)
2. Dr. Somnath Dey, Associate Professor (CSE, IIT Indore)
3. Dr. Puneet Gupta, Assistant Professor (CSE, IIT Indore)
4. Dr. Vivek Kanhangad, Associate Professor (EE, IIT Indore)

Tentative schedule

The course comprises of lectures and a few lecture-cum-lab sessions to provide hands-on experience to the participants. All the sessions will be tentatively scheduled between 9:00am and 6:00pm. The lectures or lecture-cum-lab sessions of the course may be scheduled in the morning or evening depending upon the requirement and availability of the experts. Each session will be of 1 hour duration. Feedback and experience sharing session will be conducted on the last day.

Tentative Topics to be Covered in the Course

  1. Basics of Biometrics
  2. Basics of Deep Learning
  3. Introduction to Python, Google Colaboratory, NumPy, Matplotlib, and other relevant libraries
  4. Introduction to TensorFlow, Keras and PyTorch
  5. Deep Learning for various Biometrics
  6. Deep Learning for 2D/3D Face Biometrics
  7. Deep Learning 2D/3D Ear Biometrics
  8. Deep Learning for Fingerprint Recognition
  9. Adversarial Attacks on Biometric Systems
  10. Face Anti-spoofing using rPPG
  11. Face Micro-expression Analysis using rPPG
These topics are tentative and addition/deletion is possible depending upon the availability of the experts.

Intended Participants (Who can attend?)

The teachers of the TEQIP-III institutes are eligible under this scheme. They can attend this course without paying any fee. Faculty members from the streams such as Computer Science, Information Technology and Electrical / Electronics & Communication Engineering and other related streams are encouraged to apply under this program. The seats are limited, which would be filled on a first come first serve basis and the candidate’s field of research interest. To check the list of eligible TEQIP-III institutes, kindly check following links.

1. https://www.teqip.in/subcomponent1_1.html
2. https://www.teqip.in/subcomponent1_2.html
3. https://www.teqip.in/subcomponent1_3.html
4. https://www.teqip.in/twinnedinstitutions.html

Participants other than faculty members of TEQIP-III institutes (faculty members of non-TEQIP-III institutes, students and participants from industry etc.) can also attend the course by paying a fee. For any query, drop an email to surya@iiti.ac.in

How to apply?

To apply please click here. Alternatively, copy the link https://forms.gle/7ARfRc4jPGF5XQ3H9 and paste it on your browser window to open the registration page.

Course Fee

(Category 1) Faculty member from TEQIP-III Institutes: No Fee
(Category 2) Faculty members from non-TEQIP-III institutes/students: Rs. 10,000
(Category 3) Industry personnel and others: Rs. 20,000
(Category 4) Participants from outside India: USD 500

Fee paid in all the cases above will be refunded in case a candidate is not shortlisted for the course. However, if a candidate is shortlisted and does not attend the course, no refund of the fee will be provided.

Selection Procedure

Seats are limited and will be filled based on the matching research interests of the applicants and their background. Fee paid (for categories 2, 3, and 4) will be refunded in case a candidate is not shortlisted for the course.

Participation Certificate

After successful completion of the course, a certificate of participation will be given the participant.

Last date: December 24, 2020 (Thursday)

For any further queries, contact Course Coordinator, Dr. Surya Prakash at surya@iiti.ac.in.